Comfort Hair is a live sculpture that is inspired by the Gache, which is a big wig that was worn by Korean women back in history who were of high social backgrounds. The bigger and heavier the wigs were, the more beautiful and aesthetic they were.

My vision was to see hair in the way we fantasize about it. The dead hair that we imagine to be full of life. It is the part of the body that has no nerves or muscles but has movements and rhythm that feel alive. When you cut it off there is no pain and it does not bleed. Yet, we perceive it as a sacred entity, where many cultures in history have preserved hair. I fantasize about my hair. It stands in for my cultural identity which is becoming an organism that continues to grow and prosper.

So powerful and beautiful yet so burdensome and heavy. It is this intense, overwhelming, yet so satisfying relationship with our hair that makes us obsess over it. 

Comfort Hair 的灵感源自加髢 -- 古代韩国高尚阶层女性佩戴的一种大假髮。根据当时的标準,假髮越大越重,就代表它们越漂亮,越有美感。我希望究我们对头髮的幻想。头髮是没有生命的死物 -- 没有知觉,没有肌肉 -- 但却有一种富生命力的韵律与运动。剪头髮的时候,我们不会疼痛,也不会流血。不过,我们依然把头髮看成身体神性的一部分。世上很多文化也强调保留与保护头髮。对於头髮,我有一种幻想。头髮是我的文化象徵,而我的文化正演变成一只不停成长与丰富的生物。头髮美丽而又力量,却又是沉重的负担。我们和头髮间存在著激烈、被压倒的关係,但它又同时令人满足而快乐,使我们为它著迷。

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